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Fortunately, Garmin express-shipped replacement discs (Thanks Garmin! Then, the mount started losing it's suction lately.For example, I just got back from a 30 min driving, and the mount fell off the disc twice and the unit landed on my console... No wobbles and looseness, then 5-10 min later it falls off.Especial thanks to Gander Academy for your hospitality.Not sure if the problem is due to the extreme heat in the 'Valley of the Sun' (Phoenix, AZ) but I've had my 660 for less than three months (I'm still on the FM traffic trial period) and already having trouble keeping the unit in place.Everything is either Hollywood garbage, or it’s art-house garbage. The rhythm, the timing, the special effects, the acting, the (especially), the ending. The writing is fantastic if you ask me; the actual lines that the characters get are less than perfect.

It’s a fascinating way to start thinking about society, by the way: What rights DO individuals have, when they infringe upon the group?We have all been deeply touched by the generosity and help on all sides, and it was our great good fortune to come to Gander.I will treasure memories of the special atmosphere of Gander Academy!!Readers: I’m sure if my kid were deathly allergic, I would be a wreck.Even so, I’m pretty positive I would not expect a whole school to stop serving milk and eggs — two staples — just for my child’s sake.

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