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It is analogous to the field of terrestrial geology.

In planetary science, the term geology is used in its broadest sense to mean the study of the solid parts of planets and moons.

Sales Notes: I want each person to be happy with the purchase/trade and I realize that a glove is a very personal thing to someone who is going to use it. Its a compilation of many many catalogs including the model numbers, original prices by year and make.

Therefore, my policy is that a prospective buyer/trader may keep the glove for up to one week after receiving it. Also, my personal favorite remake glove is the Nokona G57 Carl Erskine.

Home range sizes vary anywhere from 3 hectares (7.4 acres) for females in cities to 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres) for males in prairies.As a result of escapes and deliberate introductions in the mid-20th century, raccoons are now also distributed across mainland Europe, Caucasia, and Japan.Though previously thought to be solitary, there is now evidence that raccoons engage in gender-specific social behavior.Reds and pinks are higher elevation ( 3 km to 8 km); yellow is 0 km; greens and blues are lower elevation (down to −8 km).Whites ( Mars is a differentiated, terrestrial planet.

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Hover your mouse to see the names of over 25 prominent geographic features, and click to link to them.

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