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At the time the new loan is funded the entire balance of your old loan is paid off by the new one, leaving you still owing essentially the same amount of money – but with a new interest rate and different repayment terms and conditions.The goal, therefore, is to refinance your student loan into one that has more favorable terms and a lower interest rate, to save you money and make loan repayment easier to manage.By consolidating your debt using a BB&T low-interest home equity loan or line of credit, you'll pay less interest and be able to pay off your debt more quickly. For more information, or to determine if debt consolidation is right for you, contact your local BB&T financial center or call 888-LOAN-BBT (888-562-6228), option 4. The democratization process in Indonesia has begun in earnest and has led to the formation of a democratically elected government supported by a genuinely open and pluralistic political system.To do some tidying up, login to your secure online account.Once logged in click on "Contributions", then "Rollovers" to consolidate your super.Do you find yourself writing checks to multiple creditors each month, paying down a number of high-interest accounts little by little?The equity you've built in your home offers an opportunity to combine and pay off those balances over longer terms—and at potentially much lower interest rates—with a BB&T home equity loan or line of credit.

The right choice of super fund can reduce unnecessary fees and paperwork, making its easier to manage your super.The third examines the various steps and advances that have been made toward ending the military’s social-political role and special privileges.The fourth part outlines the many obstacles and challenges to imposing democratic civilian control over the military.Nonetheless, it is generally acknowledged that consolidating democracy will be a slow and painful process.Of the many challenges faced by the new Indonesia, the most difficult will surely be the reformation of the military from a long-term social-political force into a truly professional defense force under democratic civilian control.

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