Assertive or accommodating

It's a practical course, which help you feel more confident in your ability to handle others, and feeling better about yourself.

We can't turn a gentle soul into Anne Robinson - thank goodness!

I have been busy putting my training into practice.

In fact a colleague commented that I was ‘very assertive (but in a good way)’ in a meeting with some senior managers last week!

Speak of impact...""Thank you very much for a wonderful course.

The course is designed to help you explore and understand issues around assertiveness.The way that we deal with conflict in the workplace varies with our individual personalities, our experiences growing up (fun fact: including whether or not we went to preschool), and how we’ve learned to manage conflicts in previous jobs.Within any one office environment, you have people who deal with conflict well and some people who deal with conflict not so well.""The course opened my eyes for a lot of new ideas.I am really excited about the impact these are already having on my life. Instead of a lecture, we got to play: enter different situations and try out various roles, attitudes and mental states in them.

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It is important to think about the pros and cons of sharing your disability.

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