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A withdrawn introvert and geeky nerd, he was bullied as a child and far more comfortable with books than with people.

It’s where my friend David holds his Aura Dating Academy classes, and amazingly, where you’ll find the walls lined with transcriptions of books from the likes of Tony Robbins, T Harv Ecker, and Richard Kiyosaki.

BUT, if you LOVE my blunty honesty (if that’s even a word), read my review.

As usual, if you hate hearing bad and blunt sh1t about products, please leave now.

Based in Southeast Asia, David has a proven track record of providing practical guidance to both men and women on how to be social and succeed in love and life. David Tien has coached thousands of men and women in the areas of dating, relationships and lifestyle. Tien truly enjoys the positive impact he is able to have on his clients’ lives as he watches them grow and achieve a more fulfilled life with their improved social skills, emotional intelligence and dating strategies. Tien also serves as director, has clients in almost every continent throughout the world, allowing David Tien to impart his knowledge on all different walks of life.

Ltd.), Aura Transformation Corp., among other companies.

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