Bind9 slave server not updating

These servers are found via a chain of delegations from authoritative servers starting from the configured-in roots. If it were to do anything less, it would be subject to the same cache-poisoning style attacks that work on the current insecure DNS servers. The holder of those two domain names registered them before I could. He then let the registration lapse, and now the usual search page idiots have it. Note that djbdns is not subject to the DNS vulnerability announced July 8. Bernstein is credited with the original idea and implementation of randomized source ports in the DNS resolver." Mirrors: djbdns is a replacement for BIND. It will only provide data obtained from authoritative servers. dnscache is a recursive resolver, intended to be listed in 's "nameserver" entry. It imposes restrictions on what it will return; that's why it was written. We've got this one so we can distribute our enhancements to djbdns.Active Directory relies on DNS to function correctly.Without it, many of the services would fail and most of your client computers would be unable to find the domain controllers.Typically, as recommended by Microsoft, your Active Directory domains should be hosted on a Windows DNS server.

We can provide you primary and secondary name server for free All zones hosted as primary or secondary on our main server -, are automatically replicated on our secondary servers, ns1.and ns2.

If you plan to configure a DNS server, also read the companion article on configuring your server.

My home network is the same as millions of other Internet users: dynamic IP obtained from my ISP via DHCP.

Wanting to make sure that I can connect to my home network remotely, even if the underlying dynamic IP changes, I looked around for a reliable (and hopefully free! I found, which I use today, and recently someone also pointed me to

Even though my DNS is automatically updated when it changes, via the highly versatile ddclient package, the traditional dynamic DNS update protocols (including's) are typically site-specific and non-standard.

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