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Anyone who takes the time and effort to seek out these hidden gems will often enjoy the whole site to themselves.Some are well kept, pristine and unspoiled, others are remotely located.Indriya Beach Resort and Spa consists of secluded luxury cottages, sumptuously appointed executive suites, banquet areas and a state of the art spa set on an elegant landscape dotted with palms and tropical plants.Nestled between the Cherai beach and lagoon, serenity is the order of the day.Historically, Nairs lived in large family units called tharavads that housed descendants of one common female ancestor.

Some Nair women also practiced hypergamy with Nambudiri Brahmins from the Malabar region.Take a boat ride and escape the Bali mainland to the islands of Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan or the larger Penida, or venture the island’s central highlands to find scenic treats and be close with nature.Coincidentally, these are also popular places for backpackers in Bali, offering cheaper living costs than in the popular southern beach resorts.The Nair were historically involved in military conflicts in the region.Following hostilities between the Nair and the British in 1809, the British limited Nair participation in the British Indian Army.

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Translocated traditional Kerala houses in vernacular architecture, these villas are entirely built of wood, elegantly furnished with traditional fittings adapted for modern use and state of the art in amenities.

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