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Ashy concentrations with flint artifacts appear to represent middens; many of the mammoth bone settlements have a preponderance of ivory and bone tools.

External hearths, butchering areas, and flint workshops are often found in association with the hut: scholars call these combinations Mammoth Bone Settlements (MBS).

Whether or not the wolf was domesticated during the early Upper Palaeolithic remains a controversial issue.

Modifications by humans of the skull and canine remains from the large canids of Předmostí indicate a specific relationship between humans and large canids.► Accepting an Aurignacian beginning of the domestication of the wolf is controversial.During the late Pleistocene, mammoths provided meat and skin for human hunter-gatherers, fuel for fires, and, in some cases during the Upper Paleolithic of central Europe, as building materials for houses.A mammoth bone dwelling is typically a circular or oval structure with walls made of stacked large mammoth bones often modified to allow them to be lashed together or implanted into the soil.Within the interior is typically found a central hearth or several scattered hearths.The hut is generally surrounded by numerous large pits, full of mammoth and other animal bones.

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