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In addition to Star Kid projects, Lytle takes part of in film projects.

Lytle stars in a You Tube web series called Post-Grad, which she co-writes and co-stars in along with her friend, Rachel Rosenbloom.

Lee worked with his father and uncles doing masonry work and construction. Darren and Evanna are both not singing on the album. I have no idea and frankly, if they do, that’s their business and their decision. ”That’s their private life and that’s the way that it should stay-private. Is there a download link for the Apocalyptour or SPACE Tour DVDs?It started with one lone boy sitting on a box in darkness, but Team Star Kid will be around as long as there are people to support them. There have never been open casting calls and I doubt that there would be because so many people would show up. We’re not going to comment on why she left because we believe that to be an invasion of privacy. Team Star Kid doesn’t (and thus members of Team Star Kid don’t) have a PO box for you to send your cool presents too. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want strangers talking about my relationship, and that logic is part of the reason why we don’t talk about it. We will not talk about the romantic relationships of the Star Kids, period. We have a working downloads page and a page for many miscellaneous Star Kid videos. Also, you can type it into the URL (ex: 1971, he took a job with United Auto Parts; first in the store and then as an on-the-road parts salesman.In 1994, Lee retired, but then began driving cars for Harry K Chevrolet until 2014.

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