Gretchen rossi and slade smiley dating

Gretchen started dating Slade shortly after she lost her fiancé to cancer years ago.Her co-stars were skeptical because Slade had already dated two other housewives. Rossi is already planning on having a child with him, and they have been undergoing IVF treatments.In a Season 8 episode of the popular reality series, Gretchen proposed to Slade.Since that time, they have been busy planning their wedding, as well as their future family.Slade and I invite you to Tune into "The Doctors" today to find out the truth behind those rumors, and the big birthday surprise Slade had for me this year. Dealing with the challenges of IVF, our concerns about genetics, and cancer in the family as well as Slade's decision to have a vasectomy over 15 years ago.

When Rossi was on the show, she only focused on the drama with her co-stars, and she may have tried to protect Slade from the public.

To begin the IVF process, Gretchen underwent an egg retrieval procedure, while Slade had testicular sperm extraction performed.

By the end of the day, Gretchen and Slade’s doctors had successfully harvested 19 eggs along with healthy sperm for fertilization. Everything looked like it was going just perfectly for us,” Gretchen says.

“I always knew that I wanted to be a mother,” Gretchen says.

“Slade knew that it was something that was very important to me, but he also told me he had a vasectomy.” Although a vasectomy reversal can be successful, it is not guaranteed to restore a man’s fertility, and the procedure comes with a lengthy recovery process.

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