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In other words, our personals & social networking is as private as it could possibly be, yet still function over the internet. That's free personals as in totally free, 100% free, now, later, for everyone all of the time, all membership options free. Yes, we know already, a lot of sites say they're free, but REALLY have some features that are free, while others will cost you. and bisexual women, transgender folks, genderqueer folks and/or other "alternative" individuals . Nothing whatsoever will be syndicated, sold, or disseminated elsewhere. (Consider the "etc." to mean whatever you think it means.) HOWEVER, YOU can choose to adopt whatever definition YOU choose for the purpose of YOUR own dating and relating, including and/or eliminating any of the above as it suits YOU. It tells me that underneath it all we believe that, as women, we are still not where we should be in the grand scheme of things. One of the posters was a transvestite, and some people were uncomfortable with him posting there.I understand that those who transition from one gender to the other (or sit somewhere in between) do so for reasons that have nothing to do with male privilege or otherwise - my issue is with the way our society responds to it. There were a couple of other problems with this person too, so the decision was made to ask him to leave.I was talking about group attitudes the other day with a gay female friend who told me that most gay women, regardless of how progressive they consider themselves, are not all onboard with the notion of accepting transgendered men as "real" women regardless of how extensive the gender modification is.

NIE będziemy tolerować obraźliwego zachowania, chcemy stworzyć miejsce, w którym możesz poznać kogoś wyjątkowego.

Never mind the other issue I have with it which is that lesbians are positively reinforcing action that encourages members of their population to become one of the group that receives this so-called "male privilege".

That attitude, in my mind, undoes a lot of what feminism has achieved. Max This issue came up a few weeks back on a British lesbian message board I frequent.

I am a queer cisgender woman partnered with a queer transgender man.

Because both my partner and I identified as queer before we met — and because I met him after he began his transition — we've never had to navigate the often tumultuous waters of being in love while one partner transitions.

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