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We’ve become expert in needless suffering.” I’ve wondered the same thing as I’ve watched kids in my mostly LDS neighborhood and my own children.Got a crush on Mitt Romney, or maybe one of his sons? It seems that America is going through a bit of a Mormon moment, with Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and "The Book of Mormon" bringing attention to the Latter-Day Saints in popular culture.I’ve polled my students about it occasionally and also my friends, single and not.

Athletic wear is also okay, but no short shorts or tank tops. Look at the homepage (Bringham Young University) and follow the example of anyone featured.10.In Pennsylvania, I never had a shortage of guys who were interested in me, including lots I thought were totally out of my league. Maybe they thought I was easy because I didn’t wear a prayer bonnet. When I got to college, I expected this male attention to continue; instead I felt like I disappeared completely.I have read a few female Mormon memoirs that resonated with my own experience.In Therese Doucet’s she talks about her string of failures with Mormon men until she takes the advice from a book her mother was given in the 1970s. I waited for him to tell me what he wanted to hear.The advice makes her totally successful with her Mormon male target, FHE “Dad” Brady: If I wanted to make a relationship with Brady work, I didn’t have to flat out lie–all I had to do was pick up on what he wanted and pretend that this was me. Of course, there’s the distinct possibility that the non-LDS men are primarily interested in sex and simply using conversation and feigned interest as a form of seduction.

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