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The rankings are based on the amount of solid jokes each episode contains, but also on each episode's level of inventiveness and ability to create iconic moments.Every episode of is worth your time—and you can stream them all on Netflix or Hulu—but some are better than others. "The Gang Broke Dee" (Season 9, Episode 1) The abuse of Kaitlin Olsen's character, Sweet Dee, is a seasons-spanning occurrence in , and it's a comedic well that's surprisingly fruitful.So in anticipation for the upcoming season, set to air in September 2013, we’ve gathered up the best catchphrases and one-liners from the gang and arranged them into the 100 greatest quotes from the show. Check them out and then dive into the comments section to laugh, rejoice and argue with us.100.

His sense of self-worth is entirely dependent on what others think of his appearance and he often suggests the best way to sleep with a woman is to make her think she may be raped, or by using his personal system, the D. They don't count her as one of the gang, but rather as just someone who works for them. They’re like-they’re like stupid little goddamn savages. Dennis, if I was looking for safe, I wouldn’t be sticking my dick through a wall. Charlie is a former co-owner at Paddy's and a childhood friend of Mac and Dennis.Frank is his roommate and possible biological father.

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I thought well alright lets go with the dick thing, its more masculine anyway. And then, you know, we chit-chat a little bit, no big deal but she asks me back to her place. Your friends and their doo-wop group, they showed up at my house and tried to attack me. Charlie: [singing] They took you, Night Man, and you don't belong to them. [huffs spray paint]Dennis (ticking off the items): Well, let's see: there's the driving, the drooling in the yearbook, the "overcoming the odds," the living with the mom?

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