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He was caught on CCTV repeatedly stamping and kicking his victim William Mc Alear on the head, as part of a brutal attack alongside two other men in September 2008.

After a high-profile appeal to find Strachan, cops tracked him down in the Glasgow area on Boxing Day.

Strachan, 34, was locked up for attempted murder at the High Court in Glasgow in 2010.MURDERERS, sex offenders, violent thugs and drug-dealers were allowed out of prison to enjoy Christmas Day at home.The Scottish Prison Service has been accused of being too lenient over the festive season after 25 criminals jailed for life and one offender serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection (IPP) – a punishment reserved only for the most dangerous criminals – were among the 142 convicts let loose on December 25.“By carrying out these crimes they have forfeited their right to be home for Christmas, and if they still pose a threat to the general public then we cannot take the risk of granting them leave.” Our Freedom Of Information probe found that people locked up for drug crime were the largest group of prisoners granted Christmas leave (41), followed by thugs who left their victims with severe injuries (40).Two murderers, two sex offenders and two people who attempted murder also made the SPS list, as did three thieves, three fraudsters, four robbers and six people convicted of culpable homicide.

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