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The Hive Mind battle is quite tough but it is not impossible to get through with a bit of patience and a lot of med-kits. She arrives at the office everyday at but we don’t start until .ideo game bosses have been around ever since video games were first made resulting into some pretty memorable boss battles.Some bosses are a ton of fun and then sometimes we come across a pretty frustrating one, that might make you break your controller in plain anger for not being able to defeat them.It can be difficult to work for a boss who tries to frighten his employees.Going out of his way to use intimidation to highlight mistakes or inaccuracies--but never taking any time to recognize a job well done--can kill employee morale.It is the human nature; we don’t want to be ordered around on what to do – most often.

However, our perception of them as a person may be completely off course.

We take a look at some of the most intense, epic and insane battles which showcased some of the most intimidating bosses in video games.

For more exciting features and top 10 lists, please click here. Dead Space: Hive Mind The battle with the Hive mind takes place in several stages.

Stay tuned to Gaming Bolt for more news and updates. The Hive Mind’s most common moveis smashing a tentacle one at a time down on Isaac.

The Hive Mind will also drag you up in the air in an attempt to consume you, and it is at this time you can shoot the Hive, though it will be quite hard to do so.

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I realize your frustration and you believe your only choice is quit job due to your differences. I cannot leave a pencil on my desk without putting it in the holder. I would suggest you and your boss take the Ultimate Life Tool assessment which will provide insight to What each of you are?

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