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Independent, not-for-profit, community-based research/health literacy organization. Studies promising therapies for AIDS/HIV-related diseases; conducts research geared to further understanding of HIV disease, treatment, prevention; educates affected communities through training, individual counseling, workshops, free publications (quarterly ACHIEVE and topic-specific booklets). LGBT/two-spirit/people of color center for community organizing, focusing on NYC area.

Through mobilization, education, capacity-building, works for community wellness and progressive social and economic justice.

Committed to struggling across differences, seeks to responsibly reflect, represent, serve various communities.

A man groped a woman and three girls at the Sky View Shopping Center in Flushing, Queens, authorities said Monday.

You must make it clear in the email that yours is a private inquiry that is not to be published.] December 26, 2004 Looking for Henry Vaupel & Robert Lehrman Hello folks!Also, I'm still on the lookout for anyone that shared Kindergarten and third grade with me to submit their class photos: 1963, K-1 with Mrs. Rachel, Lisa, Louise, Shaari, maybe one of you can help out? How lucky we were to grow up in this wonderful neighborhood! Dated Helene for a short time, she resided in a apartment building her father owned, located on the north side of Metropolitan Avenue between 118th Street & Lefferts Blvd. Our families became close, and we had alot of fun together. Elizabeth Glodzik(Walsh) May 4, 2004 Looking for Kathy Sanders. Just want you to know that I'm glad you are out there and I still remember how you befriended me right after I lost my father and was staying in Kent Manor.Merci beaucoup and greetings from Switzerland, Pete xoxo Peter John Mller December 19, 2004 Looking for some old friends from the neighborhood. Edward "Nick" Garrett My name is Friedrich Hummel and I live in Austria. We moved up to Boston in 1962 and Jay and my aunt and uncle moved into our old apt. Sanders October 6, 2004 Looking for Inge B Raha Hi, I'm looking for Inge (Bernie) Raha. I think of them often, and would love to get in touch with her and her family. Mary Kaye Flynn-Jenrich [To contact Mary Kaye Flynn-Jenrich, .] October 4, 2004 Looking for Bekim Taqi. Joyce Ein Dilman [To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, .] May 1, 2004 Looking for Lesley Roth. I would appreciate any help in getting back in touch with either Lesley or Stephanie.At least three teams had a shot at that score heading into the final frames, but fell short.In fact, only the KPA Golf Team (Adirondack USBC) was able to crack the top five, finishing with 3,723 – behind second place Ed's Rentals (Kingston NY USBC BA), 3,768; and Team Sippers I (Southern Tier USBC), 3,735.

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